What is the Best Shopping Cart Software for Small Businesses?


A functional ecommerce platform is one of the most significant assets of a small business. Before settling on a particular cart, you need to ensure that it is flexible, scalable, and meets the demands of your small enterprise. An ecommerce cart software plays a significant role on your website. Besides acting as an online product catalog, it provides your clients with an interface through which they can interact with you. In addition, it acts as a payment getaway. The following are some ecommerce shopping carts that you should consider.


  1. AgoraCart

This impressive cart software can offer support to your code base. It features highly customizable store designs, multiple tax rates, unlimited products, PCI compliance, and more than 10 payment gateways. The software can also be easily built using different templates. At the moment, there are two AgoraCart versions. The free community version is only supported via online community forums. On the other hand, AgoraCart’s gold version guarantees additional support and more features.

  1. Symphony Commerce

This is one of the best ecommerce software. It is more than a normal SaaS platform. The software is highly recommended to small companies, which are experiencing fast growth. The software is gaining popularity in the ecommerce world due to its unique ability to transform the physical experience of an enterprise into a digital experience. It can easily be operated, which means that you will have enough time to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

  1. Squarespace

This ecommerce CMS prides itself for having the ability to enhance the shopping experience. The standout feature of this platform is its simplicity and affordability. This makes it suitable for a business operating on a tight budget. There are numerous templates to choose from. You can choose beautiful layouts for your site without possessing knowledge about coding. When using Squarespace, you have the flexibility to upload a limitless number of products to your store. You are similarly accorded unlimited control over your inventory. This means that you can easily offer different varieties of the same item. You can also have control over your inventory stock. Individuals who run ecommerce businesses form home need to consider Squarespace.

  1. CommerceHub

This cloud-based software allows merchants to radically increase their products offering and inventories. CommerceHub is basically a fulfillment and merchandising platform, which is used to link merchants and suppliers. Those who have tried to create a connection with supplier are more likely to understand how important this platform is. The software was developed after it was discovered that most ecommerce merchants who run small businesses struggle in their quest to find reliable suppliers. Finding a dependable supplier is an elusive goal, more so to small ecommerce enterprises that are yet to get recognized. CommerceHub can help your startup to easily find suppliers. This will ultimately help you develop your small enterprise into a middle-sized company.

  1. Avactis

This is one of the fastest growing ecommerce shopping carts. You do not need to possess programming skills for you to set up and manage this software. This is because you can easily design and customize your website by either using a visual layout editor, or a visual CSS Editor. Avactis can similarly be incorporated with existing websites to boost the perceptibility of your online store. In addition, it can be used to set up a new storefront and website. This shopping cart ecommerce platform can offer you various management tools and valuable ecommerce features. These include social media integration, price based discounting, and customer reviews. There are two varieties of this software. The free one is PHP based and can be implanted into existing PHP sites. You can choose to upgrade this software for you to benefit from additional features. When you do this, you will be required to pay a one-off fee.

  1. CubeCart

This software gives small merchants numerous customer management and reporting options. Its exciting store administration dashboard allows you to track sales and inventory data, set product options, view sales reports, and manage customer accounts. The software is also incorporated with a sales reporting tool whose role is to help you display and export reports to third-party spreadsheet software. CubeCart comes in two varieties. CubeCart Lite can be downloaded for free. This software is only usable for up to 250 orders and 100 customers. Cubecart Pro is a paid version, which offers all the available features without any restrictions. It similarly enables you to access a code once you pay a stipulated one-off fee. You also stand to benefit from copyright removal, and upgrade services when you choose this version.


The software that you choose for your ecommerce business should depend on your budget, and the kind of products that you retail on your store. A good software must provide features such as domain name registration, and tools needed to make your ecommerce website fully functional.

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