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The Best Shopping Cart Software of 2016


Ecommerce has revolutionized the way we do business. In the current business world, customers only expect instant access to services and products offered online by firms. This means that your ecommerce platform needs to have a suitable shopping cart software. This will ease the process of making transactions on your website. The following are some of the best shopping cart software for 2016.

  1. PrestaShop

This is a unique software whose code can be downloaded for free. The software stands out due to the presence of numerous add-on modules and integrations. Some of these add-ons are free, while others are accessible after you pay a one-off fee. PrestaShop similarly avails its services as a mere developer. This means that there is no need for you to hunt down developers who are knowledgeable about working with PrestaShop. You only need to pay them so that they create the shop for you. Thereafter, you can go back for training and any other type of support that you require. PrestaShop comes with more than 1,500 templates. Of these, 500 are premium. It similarly has an incredible reporting ability and an Intelligent Merchant KPI feature. The software’s ability to forecast is also remarkable.

  1. SimpleCart

This ranks among the best ecommerce CMS for 2016. This shopping cart software can particularly be helpful to individuals who operate small stores. SimpleCart’s small footprint means it runs faster than most of the available software. Speed plays an important role in making online shopping a fulfilling experience. SimpleCart is similarly language agnostic because HTML is used when setting up the store. When using the software, different currencies can be used to carry out transactions. The software is particularly ideal for individuals who are operating their ecommerce shopping carts outside the US due to currency and language flexibility. 

  1. Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition

Magento ECE has emerged as one of 2016’s most popular ecommerce software. It boasts more than 240,000 stores globally. On a yearly basis, Magento deals in merchandise valued at over 50 billion dollars. The software’s popularity is attributed to the fact that it prioritizes customer service. This cloud-based service is fully hosted, which means that it can handle a large amount of traffic. What’s more, it is flexible. Magento uses the revolutionary Apache caching system. Pages load faster than other shopping cart software, making the shopping experience a fulfilling one. Magento ECE is tailor-made for large companies, which are seeking to have more versatile ecommerce shopping carts. Its standout ability is the flexibility that it gives users to add and list product attributes that facilitate filtering. However, you need to have basic coding knowledge for you to properly use this software.

  1. Miva Merchant

This ecommerce cart software provides users with a high degree of scalability, flexibility, and customizability. Besides this, it offers the customer support and usability that you would expect a SaaS solution to provide. Miva plays host to more than 10,000 ecommerce merchants. It has facilitated transactions valued at over 100 billion dollars. Its standout feature is the ability to host both small and large scale brands. Miva does not charge its users any transaction fees. However, storage overages and bandwidth are charged. The available pricing plans help you estimate how much storage and bandwidth you need. This makes it possible for you to avoid many overage charges. However, users can easily purchase additional storage space and bandwidth via their accounts. Miva is a SaaS software, which means that you only need basic computer knowledge, a stable browser, and internet connection to access it.

  1. Pinnacle Cart

This software was created by entrepreneurs to benefit other entrepreneurs. This software’s goal is to provide a comprehensive platform that gives buyers a memorable shopping experience. It is simple to understand since merchants who have little or no expertise can also promote and sell their products. Pinnacle Cart is renowned for its ability to give sellers the freedom to add and edit products. In addition, they can quickly and easily create promotions, manage orders, and customize their websites. Being a SaaS platform, merchants do not have to worry about site security and the maintenance of web hosting. This is done by the developers, who charge a monthly fee. Merchants using the software for the first time are often accorded a 14-day free trial so that they can observe its features without committing themselves. The main advantage offered by Pinnacle Cart is its scalability. You can add more features to your platform as your company grows. Pricing is also based on storage and traffic.


There are many shopping cart software that you can choose from. The choice that you make depends on the inherent features that you wish to have on your platform. You need to choose a software that helps you sell your products in an effortless manner. It should equally help you to fulfill all your client mandates.


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